Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Malindi and Galana Unbeaten in Counties Round Round Robin Play

Great News! Both Malindi and Galana finished the round robin at the Kilifi counties with unbeaten records! Both finished obviously top of their group, and Malindi beat St Georges to get there 10-7, otherwise no team has scored on them this year! Hope Galana beats Georges as well so that we can have an all Malindi RFC County final! Congrats to Waweru and Odima for the success so far. Keep pushing boys!

The full results are the following:
St Georges 63-0 Dr Krapf. Mariakani 0-12 Ribe. Malindi 35-0 Ganze. Lutsa'n 3-20 Galana. Krapf 0-41 Malindi. Ribe 0-5 Lutsa'n. Ganze 0-46 St. Georges. Galana 16-0 Mariakani. Krapf 29-0 Ganze. Ribe 0-12 Galana. St. Georges 7-10 MalindiMariakani 0-8 Luts'ni.

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