Sunday, December 28, 2014

Malindi RFC 32 - Salt City (Gongoni) 10

The Malindi RFC starting 15 (or a bit more!)
Made it back for a friendly against Gongoni last week.   Had a great week training with the boys, we worked a bit on fitness and a bit on getting the ball out wide to score in the corner. Had some issues with some of the younger guys loosing the ball in contact despite Some good forward play. They get a bit excited when they go in and often forget to protect the ball, wanting to get more yards or hit the tackler particularly hard.  Someone somewhere must have taught poor old Nyanje to make contact by hitting the tackler with the ball... which obviously results in a lot of turnover ball.  Nyanje, protect the ball buddy! :)

Anyway, it was a good result for the club who had just come off of an important league win against South Coast Pirates which I believe sees us top of the table.  Unfortunatlye once again, the nationwide league has more walkovers than games played, but hopefully with new management at the KRU, they might be able to give a good think about how to get around this.  I think removing teams that are not travelling, removing a team like Voi which is too hard to reach, and making sure more effort is put into scheduling would be good starts.  Apparently a lot of the University based teams have games scheduled during exams... this is disappointing.

A word about Salt City RFC.  Great club, formed by the commitment of Malindi High and Galana Secondary School boys living around gongoni.  Particularly Colins, a young lad who has put a lot of effort into getting young kids to play.  The club left him a ball to help with training.  Hopefully we can use them as a feeder club, but it would be good if the subsidies could come back, and we could get them into the league on their own.  We could actually have 3 or 4 clubs in the malindi area with a team in Watamu, Guede, Malindi and Gongoni...

Some pics here from the match: Malindi vs Salt City pics