Monday, September 23, 2013

Sad days for kenya + possible match in South Coast

I'd like to start off just by saying how sad everyone is feeling right now.  At training on Saturday, everyone was in a low mood and we discussed with horror and shock what appeared to be happening in Nairobi, although at that point we had no idea of the gravity of what had/was to unfold.  Feels like everything will change forever!

I hope, as always that we can by staying positive and preaching focus, commitment and discipline that we can make some sort of an impact on this place.  Kenyans are by nature so open and positive, but I feel like slowly but surely this can only be eroded by events such as what happened this weekend at Westgate in Nairobi.  Let's hope for the best.  At time of writing this, the siege is underway, and we still don't have much info about what is going on except that there are many gunshots and explosions and there is smoke billowing out of the roof.  Our prayers are with al those involved and I hope that this thing ends very soon with as little damage as possible (more than the horrifying losses that have already occurred).

I wanted to just update the blog to say that we were invited last week by David Nolan, a fellow that I met down in Diani at the beach tournament and then up here at Che Shale.  Really looking forward to a game this week, need to see if we manage with the resources we have to make it down there... but I think we will.  Might have to see if any of those Amani Riviera guys are still interested!