Thursday, March 13, 2014

Malindi are Kilifi County Champions for 15s!

Big congrats to Waweru and the whole Malindi Rugby Community.  Looks like we made it.  Last year, St Georges looked like unbeatable opposition, and the boys gathered all of their courage, focus and discipline and worked hard on upping their game all year last year.  We strolled through the Districts as expected with some stiff competition from Barani, and now, it seems like we've taken down the cyclops!  We beat St Georges twice in the tournament, once in the opening stages 10-7 and once in the final 6-0!!!

Great work boys!!!  Today, the semi-finals didn't go all Malindi RFC's way, while Malindi thrashed Lutsa'ni 31-0, St Georges did beat Galana 15-3, dashing the hopes of an all Malindi RFC final.  Malindi high stepped up, and won the final with a pair of drop kicks scored through the deft kicking of Stephen Biko.

This feels a bit like winning the Coast Championship for Malindi, as St Georges won all the games last year against Malindi in both 15s and 7s.  But Malindi High's boys must step up and stay focussed as there are sure to be strong challenges ahead in the form of Shimo la Tewa coached by Achayo as well as the perennially strong Taita teams and let's not forget Kwale and the All Blacks from Waa. The provincials will be held on the 25th at Shimo la Tewa and Shanzu.  The nationals are at the Coast this year as well...

Hopefully with our pedigree this year, we might win a couple more games at the Nationals if we make it! ;)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Malindi and Galana Unbeaten in Counties Round Round Robin Play

Great News! Both Malindi and Galana finished the round robin at the Kilifi counties with unbeaten records! Both finished obviously top of their group, and Malindi beat St Georges to get there 10-7, otherwise no team has scored on them this year! Hope Galana beats Georges as well so that we can have an all Malindi RFC County final! Congrats to Waweru and Odima for the success so far. Keep pushing boys!

The full results are the following:
St Georges 63-0 Dr Krapf. Mariakani 0-12 Ribe. Malindi 35-0 Ganze. Lutsa'n 3-20 Galana. Krapf 0-41 Malindi. Ribe 0-5 Lutsa'n. Ganze 0-46 St. Georges. Galana 16-0 Mariakani. Krapf 29-0 Ganze. Ribe 0-12 Galana. St. Georges 7-10 MalindiMariakani 0-8 Luts'ni.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Malindi High District Champs Again!!!

Malindi High School once again are District Rugby 15s Champions for Malindi District.  The team, which has quite a few returning players, won all three of its games to finish top in the district, not requiring a playoff.  The District sends one team to the Kilifi County Championships this week. Malindi thrashed up and coming rivals Muyeye, led by captain Somalia Abdul “Prince” Thiago 44- 0. Gede, coached by ex Malindi High Captain Harold Simba were also beaten handily 37 – 0 followed by a tough 3-0 against always tough cross-town rivals Barani to keep the clean sheet on the championship, a goal set by the team before the tournament. 

Malindi Rugby Footbal Club worked on leveling the playing field this year, inviting players to all schools to train and play with the club, attractivng  players from as far away as Galana Highschool who will also be competing for the Kilifi County Championship in Mazeras. One of the goals is to ensure that the winner of the Malindi Districts competes at the National Championships. 

Good luck at the Counties boys!