Monday, May 30, 2011

WE WON THE PROVINCIALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't tell you how excited I am! The boys trained very hard and persevered! Months of hard work paid off in adverse conditions! Won all of the group games 8-0 against Lamu's Hindi, 54-0 nail biter against Kikoneni, 8-5 against Mwavumo and the climax, 0-0 tie against Shimo la Tewa, a team we lost to (barely) in our first tournament of the season... then a huge 6-3 win against St Georges (one of the teams to beat that beat us in sevens) and then 5-0 win in the final against the reigning champions Waa!!!!! I honestly still can't believe that we made it!

It was the goal we set for ourselves at the beginning of the season... to make it to the nationals. And after a lot of hard work, literally blood sweat and tears, we made it! Thanks to everyone that supported us! Now this weekend the boys are in Meru for the National Championships where they are sure to get creamed, but hopefully this will be a learning experience. Normally, the Coast representatives at the Nationals loose by at least 60 point margins. Up country teams have rugby cultures, all the equipment, and the ones that make it to the nationals actually recruit for rugby players, handing out scholarships etc to physically gifted and talented athletes at nationally renowned schools. Tough for us to compete against, but we'll try! But hopefully we can keep that margin down and use this as a stepping stone for next year, and see if next year we can make it again and maybe even win a game!

Thanks again for all of your support!