Friday, October 25, 2013

Malindi RFC 8 - Pwani University 5

Things are coming along quite well at the club, we had our 3rd friendly in a month which is great and second victory on home ground.  The most encouraging part is we are starting to get some fans come out to the game, it's quite a nice place to spend a saturday afternoon as the Malindi High ground is surrounded by trees and there is quite a nice breeze!

Thanks especially to Stefano for coming out and taking pictures of the match, now that I've started playing the full 80 minutes I'm not able to take pics!  We really appreciate it!

The game itself was ok.  I actually thought we should have dominated the scoreboard.  As I wanted to play and there were no other refs someone from their side reffed and it was pretty clear that a) he had never reffed before and b) he was doing his best to give his boys the advantage.  Fairplay, I just told the boys to keep their mouths shut and play harder, it was a good experience for them.

Our pack did well as usual but didn't dominate like against South Coast.  We were missing some key players.  Simba only made it for part of the second half as he had to work and Dzenya played fly half which he is not very well suited for since he likes to bang away with the ball in hand.  We also had Teddy at Scrum Half in the first half (he's a natural hooker) and that sort of killed the flow of the ball at the start of the game.  But things improved a bit when Tyson Kiema came in at 9.  He's a great player who is really coming into his own but still has some issues that I can't figure out, he only showed up at half time despite being at the school.  He's a great player when he puts his mind to it and even a good leader.  I wish I could figure out how to motivate him properly!

At any rate, we mostly were on our back foot in the second half, the game was scrappy.  I really thought we should have crushed these guys but the pack play broke down again in the second half and with lots of injuries and substitutions we never really had a good flow going.  Waweru took over the reffing in the second half and did extremely well, he really has grown as a ref, and I suppose I appreciate him more after seeing some of the other horror shows on the coast!

At any rate, seems things keep looking up.  Carefully selecting a sponsor as I want a good match for the boys so that we can move upward and onward.
Very high attacking scrum, need to work on this!

Nice run to the outside, looks like they are all running sideways though!

Some fans, nice day for rugby eh boys?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Try after a couple of good runs against South Coast

Another Big Game Against Pwani University Sunday at 3 pm - Malindi RFC Ground - Malindi High!

Looks like the ball is rolling!  Another big match on Sunday against Pwani University.  This should be our toughest competition as a club yet.  I think we're ready for it, we've had the boys play against some big lads now and they've shown their true colours with grit and discipline shining through.  Can't wait to see what happens against Pwani, it should give us a good indication of how we might do in the league!

See you all there I hope!  I think we might have some journalists and photographers there!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Malindi RFC 22 - South Coast Pirates 13

Traditional post-match photo, thanks for coming South Coast, the coastal rugby brotherhood is getting stronger!
Malindi RFC took part in another excellent friendly match with South Coast Pirates whom this time made the return trip up to come and visit us.  I can't say enough about the character of these boys, I always enjoy playing against them and it's great to be able to count on a team to show up when we organise a friendly and now they are 2 for 2!  Great show!  They were accompanied by their County Sports Representative, a fellow called William who is quite a nice bloke and seems to be pretty committed to the team.  Unfortunately David Nolan was away on holiday, would have liked to have him up so that I could return the hospitality provided to me on the first leg!

It was quite a different match this time around, South Coast was not quite as big as they were on their home ground and we added a bit of size.  They were still on average heavier than us, but I suppose also the trip takes something out of you and we had a flying start and got to 22-0 quite early on. This was done mostly through some wonderful bruising forward play, mostly pick and go but also some off the scrumhalf's hip passes with big bad forwards coming from a bit deeper.  There was also a classic Zeinia run for a try at some point and Harold Simba, this time at a more natural out half position rather than scrum half where he played last teime, kicked like a champion.  His kicking worked very well and I hope that we keep him in that part of the field orchestrating play. I switched from openside flanker to inside centre just to fill in a gap (As we had lots of back row players already) and loved it!  Had an awesome first half and a poor second half, but might get lazy and stay in that spot, was a great spot to coach from!

We finished the half at 22-3 and South Coast seemed to regroup in the second half, taking the game to us more strongly.  We resisted for quite a while with the Pirates knocking on the door for most of the first part of the half and asking questions of our tackling which I'm proud to say held out for quite a while despite great pressure.  This eventually gave in.  I took a yellow card for taking the rules into my own hands. Their number eight was constantly offside in the ruck and playing the ball with his hands while lying down after the tackle, and the first couple of times I had words with him, the next I allowed him to feel my frustration.  Luckily the ref only gave me a yellow, but I learnt my lesson and felt sheepish as I trotted to the sin bin, my first ever sin bin but not first yellow.  Just goes to show how long it's been since I played semi serious rugby!

South Coast went on to Score a couple of unconverted tries, and while they had the momentum the whole second half, it wasn't enough.  We substituted on a bunch of younger guys to give them a game for showing up, and in the end everyone was pretty pleased with the effort!

Can't thank enough the South Coast guys for coming up, good on you!  And thanks also to Waweru and Odima for all the hard work done on pre-match preparation, getting the posts up and the field mark.  We even had quite a few fans this time around!  Karibuni next weekend for our match against Pwani University!!!

Malindi RFC pre-match photo

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Link for player registration

All Malindi players, please register on this site and click Malindi RFC as your club:

As discussed, this is the rugby ready site for coach/ref certification:


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Some videos from the Malindi RFC vs South Coast Pirates game at Ukunda Showground!

Here's the link, will upload more pole pole!!! Would love to read your comments!

Monday, October 7, 2013

This is worth a good laugh!

Thanks Sydney for sharing this...

"why rugby has backs: explained"

Friday, October 4, 2013

Friendly Match at South Coast Pirates

We had a great friendly match igniting what might prove to be quite a rivalry between to great rugby coastal communities last Sunday. Malindi RFC played the South Coast Pirates at Ukunda Show grounds for the first time.  The rivalry reflects a strong school rivalry as Waa and Kwale were previously perennial favourites in the school game.

The game was great, Malindi RFC would like to thank Colin Forbes and Paul Thompson from Base Titanium who helped out greatly with the expenses and even hosted us with pre and post match meals! Extra special thanks to David Nolan who seems to be the organising force behind the SC Pirates and was the one that invited us down and made sure everything went seamlessly!  Good on you David (even though you chickened out and didn't play!)!

In the end, the pirates were on average a lot older and a lot bigger than us, we came out of it on a respectable  30-19 scoreline which I was quite happy with.  Their pack probably had 150 kilos on ours and we were all Giriyamas except for me and they had a number of great players with Kenya Cup experience from Western province.  Learning experience and our first  away match.  Good preparation for the National League maybe!

Also many thanks to George Barbour and all the boys and girls down at forty thieves who were there supporting the match, taking pictures and providing little old me with some well earned post match beers!  Good on you!  Pictures are here PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK

Also thanks to Lindsay and Kennaway fam from Kenyaways kite village for hosting me post match, we had quite a nice visit!  Karibuni nyote Malindi!!!

Oh, and one last note, in the pics below, Malindi RFC is in Maroon and Yellow and Diani in Black and Red!

Running around the corner, we're still not great at running straight!
Here I am about to smash it in to the forwards!
Biggie (our biggest guy on the day), taking some punishment, he didn't wear boots, was playing prop and the field was covered in thorns!!!!

Here I am taking it in again off the ruck, I was probably the oldest guy by ten years on the pitch!

Up and coming Taura picking and going from the ruck, watch this young stud!

Our gallant hosts.  Thanks for the game boys!  Karibuni Malindi!

When they're bigger than you, you tend to run sideways!  Run straight guys!! :)

Looks like a broken tackle here, can't really tell who this is, maybe Kelvin Kithi?

Pretty high scrum, most guys didn't have boots!

Anthony Kithi (Zenia to MRFC guys) made some great runs on the outside

Zenia forcing the pass

Zenia with the straight-arm!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Malindi RFC Background

Malindi RFC Starting 15 at Friendly Match Ukunda Show Grounds Vs South Coast Pirates
Malindi RFC was put together in early 2013 in order to give school players who have graduated a chance to compete at the next level and to give the up and coming younger school players a chance to see more advanced rugby and provide them with older role models in an attempt to solidify the growth of a rugby culture in Malindi. It is coached by James Terjanian and Nicolas Waweru, with some assistance from Odima and support from Twaha and is lead by Captain Harold Simba and Anthony Kithi. 

The team consists of players mainly from Malindi High, Barani and Galana Secondary school with some participation from Muyeye.  Malindi High has represented the coast in the National KSSSA championships on 4 occasions in the last 5 years and is now gearing up to improve its record in those championships.

The team trains and plays at Malindi High School in Ngala estate on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 4:30 PM and welcomes any Rugby player residing in Malindi or Magarini Districts.  We think that there might be rugby players form upcountry that would be interested in playing but might not know about us, so any publicity to that effect would be great.  

Malindi RFC does not have solid financial backing yet, but has received some financial support to attend the Diani Beach Rugby tournament in July from Amani Riviera, a group hoping to promote tourism on the Coast to non Italians the remaining funding comes from local rugby enthusiast James Terjanian and in kind contributions from Malindi High. Malindi RFC has a development plan it is seeking sponsors for which includes introducing touch rugby to primary schools, Improving secondary school participation in Rugby, the development of a Rugby Academy in Malindi and the participation of Malindi RFC in high level National Competitions.