Thursday, July 16, 2015

Big Thanks to George Barbour and the Forty Thieves Bar!

Just a quick note to give a very big thank you to George Barbour and all the people down at Forty Thieves Diani and the South Coast Pirates.  You did a marvellous job as usual hosting a great tournament, very professionally done and a credit to the Club and George (and I imagine David Nolan had a big part to play too!) for hosting such a wonderful international event to showcase on of the most beautiful spots on the Kenyan Coast as well as Kenyan Coast Rugby.

Well done lads!

The boys had a great time, I think they were knocked out at the Cup Quarters which is better than the last time we entered, and congrats to South Coast for winning the whole Cup!

Details here:

An even bigger thank you as I understand that you sponsored Malindi RFC's entry into the tournament.  This was much appreciated by all and Simba, Ukunda and the rest of the boys were gushing about what great support you provided.  I'm pretty sure everyone at the Club remembers how much you've supported us and I hope to god that one day we'll be able to return the favour to you all!

Cheers Lads!