Friday, October 4, 2013

Friendly Match at South Coast Pirates

We had a great friendly match igniting what might prove to be quite a rivalry between to great rugby coastal communities last Sunday. Malindi RFC played the South Coast Pirates at Ukunda Show grounds for the first time.  The rivalry reflects a strong school rivalry as Waa and Kwale were previously perennial favourites in the school game.

The game was great, Malindi RFC would like to thank Colin Forbes and Paul Thompson from Base Titanium who helped out greatly with the expenses and even hosted us with pre and post match meals! Extra special thanks to David Nolan who seems to be the organising force behind the SC Pirates and was the one that invited us down and made sure everything went seamlessly!  Good on you David (even though you chickened out and didn't play!)!

In the end, the pirates were on average a lot older and a lot bigger than us, we came out of it on a respectable  30-19 scoreline which I was quite happy with.  Their pack probably had 150 kilos on ours and we were all Giriyamas except for me and they had a number of great players with Kenya Cup experience from Western province.  Learning experience and our first  away match.  Good preparation for the National League maybe!

Also many thanks to George Barbour and all the boys and girls down at forty thieves who were there supporting the match, taking pictures and providing little old me with some well earned post match beers!  Good on you!  Pictures are here PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK

Also thanks to Lindsay and Kennaway fam from Kenyaways kite village for hosting me post match, we had quite a nice visit!  Karibuni nyote Malindi!!!

Oh, and one last note, in the pics below, Malindi RFC is in Maroon and Yellow and Diani in Black and Red!

Running around the corner, we're still not great at running straight!
Here I am about to smash it in to the forwards!
Biggie (our biggest guy on the day), taking some punishment, he didn't wear boots, was playing prop and the field was covered in thorns!!!!

Here I am taking it in again off the ruck, I was probably the oldest guy by ten years on the pitch!

Up and coming Taura picking and going from the ruck, watch this young stud!

Our gallant hosts.  Thanks for the game boys!  Karibuni Malindi!

When they're bigger than you, you tend to run sideways!  Run straight guys!! :)

Looks like a broken tackle here, can't really tell who this is, maybe Kelvin Kithi?

Pretty high scrum, most guys didn't have boots!

Anthony Kithi (Zenia to MRFC guys) made some great runs on the outside

Zenia forcing the pass

Zenia with the straight-arm!