Friday, July 19, 2013

Regional (Provincial) Success for Malindi H again...

I Haven't updated this post in a while poleni!  So just wanted to document the continued success of the Malindi High team!  Congratulations to the Boys once again, they were not (regional) provincial champions but lost in the final (to guess who? St Georges) which gave them the right to represent the coast in the National Championships in Nakuru.  Perhaps I had been to hard on the boys.  It turned out that St Georges was in deed the best team on the Coast, and although I don't like that we were second best, I do feel that Georges was over aged and that they had an unfair advantage.  They have a club team at their disposal (Shephards) which allows their boys to travel and have access to higher level competition.  We're working on getting that for our boys here.  We're lucky only that we were not on their side of the table!

At any rate, as promised, after the counties, I switched my focus to the younger boys, only acting as a distant advisor to Waweru prior to the Regionals. I have also had long discussions with Waweru about discipline and the need to make sure we focus on having our players develop strong character and moral values rather than sacrifice to win, and I am now satisfied that he is on board with that.  I think by withdrawing myself, I sent a clear message to the boys which they understood.

I'm sure it will happen again, if I've learnt one thing with this project is that you have to be patient, deliberate, loyal and just be determined and eventually success comes. Actually we've had a lot.  Our long term goal is to WIN THE NATIONALS in ten years and to have three players representing Kenya within that timeframe.

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