Thursday, May 9, 2013

Districts Tomorrow, Black Rock and KRU

Another quick one!  Had a great training session with the boys this afternoon, just went over some basic tactics.  They seem pretty fit and I don’t expect them to have any problem at the District Championships tomorrow, although I am a bit concerned about their tackling… but at least the fitness problem is out of the way.  Same issues still exist regarding motivation, and I feel like probably it was my responsibility to sort this out… but god knows I’ve tried!  Some key players didn’t show to training this week, and Waweru and I decided not to chase after them too much, although it is a bit of a shame, there are a couple of key guys missing, seems like some of them straight failed to report to school!  I guess rugby is not that important to them, although I fear there might be some other dynamic that I am not getting.

Good news to report, we are registered to the Black Rock tournament which will be a huge boost to Malindi Rugby in general!  We have been dying for some stiff up-country competition and I plan on sending the young guys and some key senior players up for that (too bad for the guys who haven’t been showing up for training! :)).  Also, I was finally put in touch with some key people in Nairobi working with the KRU (Mssrs Gregory Sang and “Tank” Otieno).  Really hoping that finally we can get somewhere with this registering of the Club in Malindi issue!

By the way, if anyone feels like chipping in to help finance some of the small costs for the Black Rock Tournament that would be great! (especially if there might be a school that could host us and maybe play a friendly with us on the Sunday!! )

Up Malindi Rugby! 

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