Thursday, March 14, 2013

Breathing life into Malindi Rugby!

Good new to report!  Malindi Rugby keeps progressing.  We managed to finally get the club thing going, at least nominally.  The boys finally got organized, and a good number of my old players and some from Barani have gotten together and played a couple of friendlies against Malindi High.  This was great for Malindi as they were properly thrashed and egos bruised, showing them that there is much work to do.  The old boys were out of shape, but still have there skills, and are relatively well coached ( J ). If they train at least a couple of  times a week in the next couple of months, I told them we can think of inviting some of the Mombasa teams to play us.  Could be fun!  I love watching Kithi and Simba play again!  ...maybe soon I'll be playing with them!

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